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Step 1.  The secret to success with a Live Entertainment show is to have quality Live Entertainment week after week.  You know what to do with hungry, thirsty people; we know how to help them have a great time!  Contact J and J Entertainment for top quality talent.
Step 2.  Let Professional Entertainment increase your clubs sales.  Let your customers know we're coming.  You won't be disappointed.  Booking Live Entertainment can increase your revenue by as much as 60%.
Step 3.  People like to have fun and Live Entertainment is Fun!  If you serve liquor, can seat at least 75 people, have an area we can call a stage, a good sound system, and adequate lighting you have what it takes.
Step 4.  The Entertainment.  There are several different types to choose from.  
J and J Entertainment has something to fit almost any budget.
Step 5.  Open your doors approximately one and a half hours before showtime to give your audience time to relax, and increase your sales time.  You should charge a cover and seat your guests closest to the stage first.  Your wait staff should deliver drinks to customers at the tables to minimize disruptions to the show and increase service.
Step 6.  Have Fun!!!!
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